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Vocoder Music - EP


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The year 2020 has sparked many emotions for many people. The Covid-19 Pandemic has left people feeling afraid and vulnerable. People are loosing loved ones, students are missing out on experiences, and no one seems to know whats coming next. The broadcasting of the murder of unarmed black men by police has been once again brought to the public eye. The fight against systemic racism and police brutality thrives with the same intensity of that in the 60's, and people are continuing the fight for legislative change. 

The sum of these emotions is Vocoder Music. Isaac Monts has teamed up with some good friends and family to bring you his first EP; a groovy, feel-good,  thought provoking musical experience. Many of the ideas for this EP began with a vocoder, hense the title "Vocoder Music". Put your listening ears on and enjoy the expression of Isaac Monts. 

Vocoder Music is available now on and BandCamp. You can also stream Vocoder Music on your favorite streaming service! STREAM NOW!

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