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Have you ever said any of these to yourself?

- "I want to play drums, but I don't even know where to start..."

- "I don't have the time or budget for private drum lessons, but I really want to learn..."

- "I wish I could play at the local bar, but I don't think i'll ever be good enough for that..."

- "The skill level of the drummers I see on social media keeps me form even starting..."

- "I've had drums for decades, but I never really felt like I was maximizing my potential..."

If these statements sound familiar, keep reading!

You are just ONE CLICK AWAY from making the investment that matters!


What will I gain from completing these courses?

- Accomplish the goals you have always wanted to accomplish.

- Learn technical skills that will take you to the next level pro seasoned professionals!

- Get fully acquainted with the drum set and maximize the gear that you have! 

- Learn how to tune your drums and sound like the pros!

- Gain understanding on basic, intermediate and advance rhythm and music notation.

- Learn to play with a click track and a metronome. 

- Enhance your level of creativity and become the artist you've always wanted to be!

- Learn basic patterns that you will be able to apply to HUNDREDS of songs!

- Learn the importance of dynamics on the drum set and how to solo!

- Learn ways to monetize yourself with building a recording studio! 

- Gain a community of musicians from all over the world focused on one thing... MUSIC!

Gain knowledge that will make you a GIG READY DRUMMER!


What comes with my enrollment?


- Get INSTANT 24/7 ACCESS to all current and future lesson packs and courses within Drummers Corner.

- Access and download to all resources associated each lesson pack or course inside of Drummers Corner.

- Create your own schedule and move at your own pace with the different lessons.

- Instant access to your instructor via a private email address.

Gain knowledge that will make you a GIG READY DRUMMER!



Start with just a pair of sticks and a drum pad!


"All of your goals are attainable! Playing drums is like learning math.

You can't start doing algebra or advanced trigonometry without understanding the basics of addition and subtraction. Remember that good things take time, so be patient with yourself and allow your self to make mistakes. We are all a beginner at something!"

Isaac Monts, instructor, musician, CEO and creator of Drummers Corner at 

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ENROLL NOW and start Building A Solid Snare Drum Foundation...

Get the foundation you need to take your playing to the next level in UNDER 1-HOUR!

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