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In-Person/Virtual Music Lessons

In-Person/Virtual Music Lessons


Interested in music lessons?

Book Today! Slots available for ALL ages and skill levels!!

Lessons can be in-person or virtual. Travel fee's will apply for in-person lessons. Save $30 and choose a Lesson Pack!


Lesson areas include:

Drums, Piano, Music Theory

Recording & Music Production.


Lesson Options:

Single Lesson: 30min or 60min

Lesson Pack A: 2 Credit Hours (4 30min lessons)

Lesson Pack B: 4 Credit Hours (4 60min lessons)


Please Note: Lesson packs are to be purchased on a PER STUDENT BASIS! You may not split the lesson packs between multiple students. 


All students that plan to take Lesson Pack A or B on a consistent basis will be placed on a recurring billing cycle. If you need to cancel a lesson, you must do so 24 hours or more before the scheduled start time of your lesson to keep your credit. Any lesson cancelled within the 24 hour period will be a loss of lesson credit. If you cancel before the 24 hour period, you may keep the "rollover credit" and use it at a later date, or reschedule the lesson to use the credit.


If you plan to stop/pause lessons for a period of time, you may use any rollover credits when you decide to start lessons up again. You may also put a HOLD on your billing cycle. This will stop any future billing, and you can use the rest of the credits. Lessons will stop once the credits are finished. 

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